All the way from Dimension X

If you were wondering why I was taking apart Furbys again, it was because I wanted some animatronic eyes for my next big project.

The Furbys I found at Value Village were considerably more complicated than the Baby Furbys I used for Little Al. I love the fact that their eyes move sideways and their ears go up and down - those two features are perfect for what I have planned.

So what is it I'm building?
It's everyone's favourite evil warlord from Dimension X: Krang!

This is just the plasticine model, the real fun (i.e. tricky part) comes next when I need to figure out how to make it into a plaster mold.


RealGrouchy said…
Hope this helps:

- RG>
Allison said…
I was just showing that to Chris last night!
I think we're going to go with plaster of paris as it's a little cheaper and the finished goal is a flexible latex Krang (so we hopefully shouldn't need a flexible mold).
Grim said…
Flabergasting :P I didn't know you were into this kind of stuff. Neet!
K_tigress said…
Cool Love TMNT back in the day.
Looking forward to this to seeing how you are going to convert the little Furb in to the hideously lovable brain creature.

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