Great Glebe Finds

As always, Chris and I had a great time at the Great Glebe Garage Sale. I didn't end up finding anything on our list, but we did get some good deals.

Some of the best stuff we saw didn't wind up coming home with us.

a very Magritte door
Chris, always the voice of reason, wouldn't let me drag home this awesome cutout door, nor another set of jumping stilts, even after I talked the seller down to $60 for them. $60 for jumping stilts! They weren't our size and we already have 2 pairs...  still....

But it's not like we went home empty handed.

hauling our loot home

Some of our finds:

awesome old martini shakers - $15 for both

 aluminum frame backpack only $2.50

$4 Furby to add to our growing collection


Pauline said…
Aw, I missed it! I liked all the stuff you found though!
Jill Metcalfe said…
If you'd like to sell or loan those martini shakers to a summer museum, contact Jill at 613-774-2105 ext. 239!

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