Party of Awesome

Last week we threw a party. A party of awesome.
Basically, it was an excuse to test out a bunch of ideas for the Ultimate Party Challenge on Instructables, but since neither Chris nor I really did anything for our birthdays we were overdue for some celebrating.

Having recently organized the den (resolution #1) we were finally able to open up most of the apartment and throw a real party (as in more than 20 people mingling about).

We asked our friends to give us their best or craziest party ideas and this is what we wound up with:
  • Bubbles! While we couldn't pull off a full ballroom, we filled the stairs with bubbles thanks to a bubble machine picked up on clearance at Wal-mart.
  •  Glow-in-the-dark drinks! A little tonic water and some B100 complex vitamins go a long way under the glow of black lights. Full instructable here.

  • Watermelon punch fountain! Unfortunately we left this one to the last minute and it shows, but version 2.0 should be epic.
  •  French onion dip in a bacon bowl! Seriously, everything is better with bacon.

  • Chocolate volcano! Friends gave us their chocolate fountain and we covered the tiers in rice crispy treats and plastic palm trees. The whole thing collapsed into a deliciously gooey mess (marshmallow looses it's structural integrity under the heat of molten chocolate lava flows) but it was glorious while it lasted.
  • Porkamacon! Chris served up a bite-sized version of his original recipe.
  • Hats! Anytime I need to bust out the tickle trunk for a party, I know it's going to be a good time. Our party guests showed up in everything from sombreros to top hats and both ninjas and pirates were seen mingling amongst the party-goers.


Anonymous said…
Ooooh, loving this! Will definitely be trying some out for my regionals! So much better than trying to pack all those little plastic cups.

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