Two steps forward, one step back - Krang's progress

Trying new techniques for the first time is always challenging.

Using plaster of paris, I cast a mold of my plasticine Krang. I'm glad I bought the big bucket of plaster because I ended up needing way more than I was expecting.

clearly I could have done a better job wrapping up the electronics

Getting Krang out of the mold was rather challenging. The little plasticine appendages remained trapped in the mold, and while I tried melting them out, in the end I had to spend several frustrating hours fishing out all the little plasticine bits with Q-tips and various skewers.

finally free of plasticine!

I really wish I would have paid more attention to n1cod3mus's and PenfoldPlant's instructables. I didn't really know what I was doing with the liquid latex and I ruined a couple cheap paintbrushes before catching on to the dish soap trick.

latex Krang

When I first pulled latex Krang out of the mold, I was really excited. Even though the mold wasn't perfect, he looked just like my plasticine model.

But when I started to cut off the unnecessary latex and fit in the Furby guts, I ran into a problem.

Either the latex is too thick or the design itself is flawed because the animatronics won't work inside the puppet.

Naturally, I busted out my dremel to try to sand down the latex in some of the thicker areas that I thought were causing problems, and then I promptly blew a hole through the side of Krang's face.

Oh, and I cut off his arms because it seemed like a good idea at the time. So now I just have a latex Krang with a hole in the side of his head and severed arms.


Anonymous said…
Very nicely done!

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