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Ice Cream Social

We're going to an ice cream social tonight. I can't wait for the homemade ice cream and waffle cones!

I'm bringing these yummy ice cream cone cake pops (made following bakerella's instructions).

Everything worth doing is worth overdoing, right?

I called 911

Chris and I came home from a wedding on Saturday night sometime after 1am. The house smelt like smoke but we didn't think much of it at first; we figured the neighbours must have burnt their dinner or something and the smell had stuck around because all the windows were closed.
We opened the windows and started to get ready for bed but, instead of dissipating, the smell kept getting worse. Smoke seemed to be coming up from the vents so I decided to go outside, just to check that everything was okay in the apartment below us.
From the street, even with the lights off, I could see the downstairs kitchen was filled with smoke. I knocked on the door and rang the bell but no one answered
I grabbed our phone and called 911 while Chris managed to get the pets out of the house. 

I had never called 911 before but I'm glad I didn't hesitate to do it when I did. Minutes after my call, 3 firetrucks, 3 cop cars and an ambulance were on our corner. When the firemen broke into the apartment…

July in full swing

Canada Day crowds
It's going to be a busy month!

Chris and I had a great Canada Day weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed checking out the commotion downtown, catching a glimpse of Will and Kate and hanging out with friends.

With Canada Day barely behind us, Bluesfest has already started up. We're volunteering again so we'll be making the most of our free passes.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros,  for better Bluesfest pictures check out Ming Wu's blog

So many great concerts, so little sleep...