Krang is coming together

 Quite literally, I've finally put all the pieces together.

pop bottle cranium & popsicle stick arm bones

I used crazy glue and then a little bit of liquid latex to join the two halves of the brain together.

The arms went on with some hot glue.

Then he got a shiny paint job.

first coat of pepto bismol pink

With a thick glossy topcoat to make him look really slimy.

I tried to connect the arms to the body a few different ways, but everything I did was too much for the furby motor to handle. I'm not happy with how it looks, but since I'm all out of ideas I'm just going to try to hide the gaps behind his control panel when I get around to building his android body.


RealGrouchy said…
Cool! Will he talk?

(After just checking out Youtube to remind myself if and how Krang talked, I wouldn't mind at all if it didn't)

- RG>
Allison said…
I originally wanted the mounth to move, but the latex is too thick or too heavy for the little motor.

The plan is to hook up a little speaker and mp3 player with some of Krang's lines.

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