More vintage clothing lamps

I love it when people send me photos of things they've made following my instructables!

Here's the email I got from Jennifer:

Hi Allison,

I want to thank you again for posting your innovative idea on Instructables and for being so kind as to help me with my questions. This activity was an absolute blast to do with the youth group. I was working with 14 youth. We broke them up into four groups and each group worked together to make one lamp. We divided up the work into four sessions as follows: 1). intro to the project/pick the clothes; 2) make the body forms with newspaper, tape, etc.; 3) Paint the forms with stiffy/make a plan for the wiring; 4) wire and assemble the lamps. I went in once a week and we were able to complete the project in a total of 5.5 total hours! (not including drying time). We had such fun with each step - and even though it was a lot of work, the youth stayed really dedicated to the project. They named the lamps and wrote little stories about them too! You'll see that each lamp has a red heart - we used a colourful transparency and attached one to each lamp - as the theme of the program was "heart."

Once again, many thanks!

I think they did an incredible job, just look at how their lamps turned out!


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