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Robots with lasers cut these cards!

Our holiday cards are finally in the mail. Hopefully, what they lacked in punctuality, they made up for in sheer awesomeness.

We were able to put my gift certificate for Ponoko to use, but we left it a little too long before making our order so our cut cardstock didn't arrive until just a few days before Christmas.

it wasn't all robot labour
Fear not, an instructable on making the mechanical iris card is in the works.

Ninja Munny Knife Set

This is what Chris made Robbie for Christmas. I'm a little jealous, but since the last time I was at my brothers' place they were trying to carve a roast with a butter knife, I know they will really be able to put it to good use.

For My Dad

It was such a hit last year, my family decided to do the Christmas Challenge again this year.

I had to give a handmade or vintage gift to my dad.

I painted a record for him with Maurice "the Rocket" Richard on it. And I also included some of our homebrew beer.

It seemed like a pretty good gift until Chris blew me away with what he made for my little brother.

We'll be eating turkey for weeks

Chris is a fantastic cook.

We made Christmas dinner for his parents yesterday and it was incredibly delicious.

It's so nice to have the opportunity to go all out on a meal. We tried to scale it down from last year, but there was still so much food.

This morning we woke up to the white Christmas everyone had been hoping for. We opened presents, put some Bailey's in our coffee and then spent the afternoon watching movies and putting together our holiday cards.

Buck, ready for the holidays

Is it really Christmas eve tomorrow?

I don't know where the month of December went.

Our tree is lovely and all our gifts are wrapped, but unfortunately the Christmas cards are still waiting to be assembled. It's all good if they're sent before New Year's, right?

Merry Christmas!

It's been a while, eh?

I feel like I haven't done a painted record in ages.

Van Morrison
We've been incredibly busy, so I tried to keep the Christmas orders to a minimum this year. But I did manage to squeeze a few in.