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We're going to Black Rock City, baby!

I've been an absolute wreck, waiting for the Burning Man ticket lottery. I was having nightmares about getting the "sorry you didn't win" email.

Photo from the Black Rock Yearbook
Today I was on pins and needles all day. I feel like I must have refreshed my inbox a million times.

But finally I got the fateful email! We've got 2 tickets to Burning Man 2012!

Our camp is still short 6 tickets, but no one's gotten the official message that they're out of the running. I'm in a much better mood knowing that we don't have to scramble to get all the tickets in the final sale or through the after market sales.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Hopefully we can find those last 6 tickets. This is the year I want to introduce my little brothers and some of our closest friends to the wonders of the playa.


Meet the newest addition to our family: Barley.

This adorable little girl came home with us last weekend.

The lovely ladies at La Ratterie des Trois-Rives were an absolute pleasure to deal with - if you're looking for well bred and well loved rats, and you're within driving distance of Montreal, you should give them a call! Both Juniper and Potato came from their rattery and when Julie, Julie and Isabelle heard of Potato's untimely passing, they offered to give us Barley for free so Juniper wouldn't have to be alone.

As you can see, they're already the best of friends.

What I ought to be drinking while listening to music

Common scenario chez nous: I pile a stack of records on our turntable and then plonk down on the loveseat, only to immediately turn to Chris and say "I think we need a drink"

But what to drink?

Drinkify has come to our rescue by providing an online tool to instantly match a cocktail to the tunes on the stereo.

When the needle drops on the Sheepdogs album, it's time for Southern Comfort, tonic and honey vodka. Seriously, where can I find honey vodka? That sounds fantastic.

When Home hits the airwaves, we should break out an entire bottle of organic wine.

Johnny Cash calls for Jack Daniels and honey, King Charles takes dark rum, milk and gin, and Metric goes well with straight vodka, but the best I've found so far, is the pairing for Chris' occasional morning dubstep craving:

garnished with cocktail onions?


I'm so sad to report that Potato is no longer with us. Our little girl developed a tumor that grew very large, very quickly, and while the vet did his best, she passed away shortly after he tried to remove it.
We hate to see Juniper lonely, so we're hoping to find her some new company soon.

Mechanical Iris Greeting Cards

There's now an instructable, complete with templates, for making our holiday cards.

While working on the instructable, I made two new versions.

Go read the full how to and find out how to make your own!

Way more fun than a Kinder Surprise toy

Friends brought us these tiny puppets when they came over for the Zombie Movie Marathon.

Grant is a pretty talented puppeteer. Although you can't see him work his magic on these Kinder capsules, you can see more of his art, like this funny video, on his website.


This has been on my to do list forso long.

Bob Marley

Welcome to Beginning of the End of the World

It's 2012! I hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year as much as we did.

Celebrating the beginning of the end of the world at our friends' party
The rapture came and went, so I'm not holding my breath for the Mayan doomsday, but I'll use any excuse to party in apocalyptic style.
We spent New Year's Day enjoying our second annual Zombie Movie Marathon.

Our 2012 line up:
10:00 AM - Night of the Living Dead (1968)
11:36 AM - Shaun of the Dead
  1:15 PM - Flight of the Living Dead
  2:49 PM - Fido
  4:22 PM - Zombieland
  5:50 PM - Return of the Living Dead
  7:21 PM - Evil Dead
  8:46 PM - Evil Dead II
10:10 PM - Evil Dead Army of Darkness
11:31 PM - REC
We intended to start the Walking Dead at the very end, but by the time it hit 12:50 am we were too tired and called it a night.This year we went with less scary, mostly campy movies, although REC was pretty freaky. There were a few repeats from last year but we tried to switch it up. There really is no shortage of zombie movies to…