Meet the newest addition to our family: Barley.

This adorable little girl came home with us last weekend.

The lovely ladies at La Ratterie des Trois-Rives were an absolute pleasure to deal with - if you're looking for well bred and well loved rats, and you're within driving distance of Montreal, you should give them a call! Both Juniper and Potato came from their rattery and when Julie, Julie and Isabelle heard of Potato's untimely passing, they offered to give us Barley for free so Juniper wouldn't have to be alone.

As you can see, they're already the best of friends.


HiLLjO said…
Aww! Tissue box snuggles are the best! What a sweet little ratty.
Pauline said…
Aww, so cute! If I ever get tired of cats and dogs, I might give rats a chance. :)

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