Welcome to Beginning of the End of the World

It's 2012! I hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year as much as we did.

Celebrating the beginning of the end of the world at our friends' party

The rapture came and went, so I'm not holding my breath for the Mayan doomsday, but I'll use any excuse to party in apocalyptic style.

We spent New Year's Day enjoying our second annual Zombie Movie Marathon.

Our 2012 line up:
10:00 AM - Night of the Living Dead (1968)
11:36 AM - Shaun of the Dead
  1:15 PM - Flight of the Living Dead
  2:49 PM - Fido
  4:22 PM - Zombieland
  5:50 PM - Return of the Living Dead
  7:21 PM - Evil Dead
  8:46 PM - Evil Dead II
10:10 PM - Evil Dead Army of Darkness
11:31 PM - REC 

We intended to start the Walking Dead at the very end, but by the time it hit 12:50 am we were too tired and called it a night.This year we went with less scary, mostly campy movies, although REC was pretty freaky. There were a few repeats from last year but we tried to switch it up. There really is no shortage of zombie movies to choose from!


Megs said…
It sounds awesome - I really wish I could be there.
Happy New Year!!
HiLLjO said…
Fucking fierce makeup. Amazing.
B said…
What a fun idea for a marathon! Who doesn't love a good zombie movie?

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