We're going to Black Rock City, baby!

I've been an absolute wreck, waiting for the Burning Man ticket lottery. I was having nightmares about getting the "sorry you didn't win" email.

Photo from the Black Rock Yearbook

Today I was on pins and needles all day. I feel like I must have refreshed my inbox a million times.

But finally I got the fateful email! We've got 2 tickets to Burning Man 2012!

Our camp is still short 6 tickets, but no one's gotten the official message that they're out of the running. I'm in a much better mood knowing that we don't have to scramble to get all the tickets in the final sale or through the after market sales.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Hopefully we can find those last 6 tickets. This is the year I want to introduce my little brothers and some of our closest friends to the wonders of the playa.


aramanthe said…
Extremely jealous! I would like to go to Burning Man eventually. It looks like it's so much fun!!
HiLLjO said…
Aww! I had no idea you guys are burners!!! We're aspiring burners and will probably take our near-future baby when we go. I have SOOO many questions!
Anonymous said…
6 tickets? That's all? About 6 people I know got tickets, and that's out of hundreds. I call shenanigans.
Allison said…
Shenanigans? We want to be a camp of 8 and I'm the only one who won the lottery.
Cat Rocketship said…
OOOOOH also jealous. I want to go one day.
K_tigress said…
Oh is that the show where they purposely burn sculptures?

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