What I ought to be drinking while listening to music

Common scenario chez nous: I pile a stack of records on our turntable and then plonk down on the loveseat, only to immediately turn to Chris and say "I think we need a drink"

But what to drink?

Drinkify has come to our rescue by providing an online tool to instantly match a cocktail to the tunes on the stereo.

When the needle drops on the Sheepdogs album, it's time for Southern Comfort, tonic and honey vodka. Seriously, where can I find honey vodka? That sounds fantastic.

When Home hits the airwaves, we should break out an entire bottle of organic wine.

Johnny Cash calls for Jack Daniels and honey, King Charles takes dark rum, milk and gin, and Metric goes well with straight vodka, but the best I've found so far, is the pairing for Chris' occasional morning dubstep craving:

garnished with cocktail onions?


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