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Before you judge my sewing, remember it was dark and I was drunk

my monster
Last Friday, Chris and I went to the Spins and Needles Monster Party and made some monsters.

Sewing, by hand, in a dim bar, after a few pints of Beau's... let's just say it wasn't my greatest craftsmanship but we had a lot of fun.

 Chris' monster
I think the James Street Pub is a great location for craft parties. Hopefully Spins and Needles throws some more events there soon!

Steampunks in the Museum

Steampunk Ottawa organized an outing to the Nature Museum and I jumped at the chance to tag along.

what I wore
Did you know that the museum is free on Thursday evenings? I might need to drag Chris there in a few weeks when their new whale exhibit is open. They've already installed a huge whale, hanging in the atrium.  inflatable whale!
Some of the highlights of the trip included bird watching....
and the Preternatural modern art exhibit, which included some pieces with a quirky mad science feel (just the thing for the Victorian futurist).

We didn't have time to see my favourite part of the museum, the dinosaurs, but that's just all the more reason for me to go back again soon.

Steampunk ladies & gentlemen
I have to admit, I enjoyed some of the steampunk fashions as much, if not more, than the museum exhibits. It's great meeting locals who love to play dress up as much as I do!

Chris lost over 6 inches!

You might have noticed that Chris was sporting a new look in the last post.

This weekend we cut his hair. There was a lot of hair to cut. I'm not a pro with the clippers, but we got the job done.

Happy Valentines Day

Forget roses and candlelit dinners, Chris knows the best way to win my heart: skating on the canal followed by a trip to Ikea.

Chris met me after work and we walked around the Winterlude ice sculptures, while enjoying some beaver tails, before going to lace up our skates.

After skating most of the way home, we headed for Canada's biggest Ikea. The giant new store was all but deserted since most couples seemed to have plans that involved spending more than $5 on their dinner. Their loss, really.

this is the man I love
I hope you all had an equally awesome Valentines Day (although I admit it might be hard to have had as good a day as we did).

Phone Book Flowers

I'm trying out some of my ideas for new decorations for Promdemonium 2012.

I more or less followed the instructions from Green Wedding Shoes to make a giant paper rose.

This is my first attempt, and while there's definitely room for improvement, I'm pretty happy with it.

What we've been up to

We've been keeping busy.

I've started making chainmaille from pop tabs, following this great instructable. It's pretty easy and a good way to keep myself occupied while watching Netflix. Unfortunately, I still need to collect many, many more pop tabs before I can make anything beyond a couple inches of maille.

In an effort to make our apartment look less like a scene from Hoarders, we dismantled the dinosaur that's been living in our bedroom for over a year. Looks like Little Al won't be getting his legs after all.

We've salvaged most of the materials from the body for future projects, but we did keep his head intact. I've got new plans for it.

Finally, in other news, I've gone and joined twitter. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Yes, I'm totally behind with the times.