Steampunks in the Museum

Steampunk Ottawa organized an outing to the Nature Museum and I jumped at the chance to tag along.

what I wore

Did you know that the museum is free on Thursday evenings? I might need to drag Chris there in a few weeks when their new whale exhibit is open. They've already installed a huge whale, hanging in the atrium.
 inflatable whale!

Some of the highlights of the trip included bird watching....

and the Preternatural modern art exhibit, which included some pieces with a quirky mad science feel (just the thing for the Victorian futurist).

We didn't have time to see my favourite part of the museum, the dinosaurs, but that's just all the more reason for me to go back again soon.

Steampunk ladies & gentlemen

I have to admit, I enjoyed some of the steampunk fashions as much, if not more, than the museum exhibits. It's great meeting locals who love to play dress up as much as I do!


Cat Rocketship said…
I LOVE the photo of the group in front of the birds. They look so very Victorian-voyeur.

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