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A Curious Launch

Friday night, Chris and I went to the Curious Collective launch party at Raw Sugar.

We ran into some friends so we didn't do as much meeting and mingling as we probably should have, but we did walk away with some great gift bag goodies and I even scored some black faux fur from the swap table.

Promtastic Promdemonium!

I think I'm still recovering from PROMdemonium.

We had a ton of fun but it was also a lot of work!

In addition to the giant paper roses, we built an arch out of pallet wood, used broken umbrellas and old bedsheets to make enormous glowing mushrooms, constructed an automatic photo booth, made marquee style letters and assembled upcycled LED corsages!

I've posted an instructable about how we made pop bottle flower boutonnieres.

More on the rest of the prom projects coming soon!

Speakeasy Style Prohibition Party

One of the reasons we've been so busy is because we were getting ready for Chris' big 30th birthday bash.

To celebrate Chris and his best friend Tyson entering their dirty thirties, we decide to throw a prohibition style party, complete with all the home brew our friends could drink.

As you may have noticed in my last post, we've been making our own beer and wine for several months to stock up for the party.

156 bottles in the back of Bertha
We couldn't fit a party of this scale in our small apartment, and renting a hall was out since we didn't qualify for a liquor license (in Ontario you can only serve homemade wine and beer in a private residence or at a religious ceremony) but a fantastic friend came through for us and offered to host the shindig in his condo's party room.

Bonnie & Clyde?
We kept the location a secret until the day before the party and, in true speakeasy style, guests had to tell the doorman the password to get in.
All our friends looke…