A Day In the Life

On Tuesday, I dutifully carried around a camera* and did my best to photograph my day for the A Day Project.

It was a pretty boring day.
Here's the unabridged version

The day started the same way my mornings always start, with coffee.

Unfortunately my new job requires me to go in early (for me). I check my emails after getting dressed.

I head to work with my travel mug of coffee firmly in hand. I've usually also got a thermos with me.

I have a pretty nice view on my commute.

I normally pack a lunch, but since we didn't have any leftovers in the fridge, I treated myself to a BLT.

It was a beautiful day for lunch on the lawn on the hill.

Chris had to run some errands downtown so he met me after work.

After a long day,  it's time for some home brew and a snack.

I do the dishes while Chris gets started on dinner.

I'm so lucky that Chris is a great cook. Me made us a delicious meal.

After dinner, we start a load of laundry - yup, we lead glamorous lives.

Barley and Juniper (not pictured) hang out with us and are as adorable as always.

Most nights when we're staying home we'll watch something on Netflix, while I work  on whatever craft project is keeping me busy. But I just got Chris Skyrim for our anniversary (it arrived on Monday).

So we were totally engrossed in battling giant spiders and stayed up way too late fighting the undead.

You can see my aday.org profile here - I'm looking forward to seeing how our uneventful day compares to the May 15th experienced around the world!

*Chris notes that I always carry a camera, which is true, but I don't usually shoot boring stuff like my morning coffee or doing the dishes


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