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Chris and I have been wanting to go to the Whalesbone's Oysterfest for years but we always seem to be out of town or busy. This year we finally made it!

We love the Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster and Fish Supply. Their brown bag lunches have the most delicious fish sandwiches you've ever tasted. For the Oysterfest they turn their parking lot into hipster central complete with local craft beer (Beau's and Kichesippi were both on tap) indie bands and a Sailor Jerry's Airstream.

Backyard Garden Party BBQ

Our friend Charles has a great backyard that usually goes unused, so yesterday we teamed up with him to throw a garden party barbecue. We helped him bring home a grill from the Great Glebe Garage Sale so we could cook homemade burgers, sausage and grilled veggies.

It was a great chance to make a watermelon keg (full instructable). We wanted something fun for the folks driving home, so instead of the usual vodka, we mixed fruit punch and sprite with the watermelon juice.

But there was no shortage of alcohol! We brought lots of homemade wine and beer which we served in mason jars.

And I made chocolate strawberry jello shots (full instructable), always a huge hit at parties.

Once it got dark we brought out the projector to screen Jaws.

Movies, especially cheesy old movies, just seem more fun outside.

My Morning Jacket

This My Morning Jacket record was a request from a friend. It's been a while since I've done one of these, especially something with such fine lines, and I'm feeling a little rusty. I'm Amazed it didn't turn out worse!

Camping on the Mysterious Island

We had a fantastic weekend camping with friends in Poisson Blanc Regional Park

The weather looked promising when we started off in our rented canoes, but after about 2 hours of paddling we started to see dark clouds and lighting in the distance.
We managed to make it to a little island just as it started to rain and hail. Fortunately the storm passed quickly.

By the time we made it to our campsite, the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful evening.

We had gorgeous weather for the rest of the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the lake. I swear we ate better than we ever have at home; our friends brought delicious marinated ribs, salad rolls, bacon n' eggs and so much more food. Good thing we had another long canoe ride home to burn off all those calories!

I can't decide whether I prefer this spot or our campsite at Algonquin Park.

Fun Little Things

I've been sick and the weather has been suitably miserable, so I've barely left the house for the last 4 days.

Back when I was feeling better and it felt like summer, we went to the Punk Ottawa Flea Market and picked up these awesome pink cuff links. It was especially awesome that they were only $5.

Something else that was awesome: the Spins and Needles Pixel Party. Perler beads are still as much fun as they were when I was 10, maybe even more so when you throw in beer and good company. Chris made that little Zelda heart, it's my favourite.