Backyard Garden Party BBQ

Chris at the grill

Our friend Charles has a great backyard that usually goes unused, so yesterday we teamed up with him to throw a garden party barbecue. We helped him bring home a grill from the Great Glebe Garage Sale so we could cook homemade burgers, sausage and grilled veggies.

watermelon punch

It was a great chance to make a watermelon keg (full instructable). We wanted something fun for the folks driving home, so instead of the usual vodka, we mixed fruit punch and sprite with the watermelon juice.

homemade wine chilling on ice

But there was no shortage of alcohol! We brought lots of homemade wine and beer which we served in mason jars.

chocolate strawberry jello shots

And I made chocolate strawberry jello shots (full instructable), always a huge hit at parties.

Once it got dark we brought out the projector to screen Jaws.

Movies, especially cheesy old movies, just seem more fun outside.

citronella candles to keep the bugs away


Pauline said…
Wow! That BBQ party looks awesome! I love the watermelon keg and projector idea!
Dione Drabble said…
My friend Barbie wants your watermelon keg, Allison! :P Haha! It's cool, man. How nice of Chris to cook for everyone. I wonder how the food tastes. I’m sure that they were as good as the looked in the pictures! I've experienced watching a movie in a barbeque party once, and I have to say that it was really one of the most fun outdoor experiences I’ve had!
Nohemi said…
I’m feeling hungry just by looking at those burgers and sausages in grill! That’s the wonder of having your own bbq; you can just grill any meat or veggies you could find in your kitchen and have a bbq party with friends. The party seemed a lot of fun. PS: Your watermelon keg looks mouthwatering! =)
Nohemi Tutterrow
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I see that you use charcoal to grill. Just make sure you use real lump of charcoals with no additives. I actually opt for gas grill; they are far more convenient with easy control temperature and no mess to deal with.

Dominic Pablo @ Solaire Gas Grills

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