Camping on the Mysterious Island

our campsite on l'Île Mystérieuse

We had a fantastic weekend camping with friends in Poisson Blanc Regional Park

might as well open a beer while the others catch up

The weather looked promising when we started off in our rented canoes, but after about 2 hours of paddling we started to see dark clouds and lighting in the distance.

marble-sized hail stones
We managed to make it to a little island just as it started to rain and hail. Fortunately the storm passed quickly.

making the most of being stranded by the storm

By the time we made it to our campsite, the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful evening.

Chris' boxers were among the casualties of the storm

We had gorgeous weather for the rest of the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the lake. I swear we ate better than we ever have at home; our friends brought delicious marinated ribs, salad rolls, bacon n' eggs and so much more food. Good thing we had another long canoe ride home to burn off all those calories!

I can't decide whether I prefer this spot or our campsite at Algonquin Park.


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