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Look what came in the mail today!

Our Burning Man tickets have finally arrived! In less than a month we'll be back home on the playa.

Another face in the neighbourhood

Spotted this sign on my way home from work the other day.

It's not too early to start thinking about Halloween!

Our friend Andrea has decided to sell some of the costumes we helped her with.

She needs to make room for the awesome costume we're working on for 2012, so both the genie on a flying carpet and the kidnapped mermaid have got to go.

Check out her listing here. This is your chance to get an incredible costume for a great deal - her asking price barely covers the costs of the materials if you were buying it all new.


Chris and I look forward to volunteering at Bluesfest every year.
It felt a bit like the end of summer camp when we said goodbye to all our friends after our last shift on Sunday. I hope we see most of them again next year!

Some of this year's highlights included seeing Walk Off the Earth perform their famous rendition of Somebody That I Used to Know, marveling at The PepTides' stylish outfits and being blown away by how far Skrillex has come in the last year (2011 he was on a small stage, Saturday night he was the headliner and played from the deck of a freaking spaceship!)

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Hair Cut!

As you may have noticed in my last post, I cut my hair.

Well, more accurately, Chris cut my hair for me.

I've been wanting to shave half my head for a while (as evidenced by allofthesepins) but I work in a professional setting where it's not likely to be appreciated.

Fortunately, both my boss and my mom can rest easy since returning to my usual sweet self is a simple matter of switching my part to the other side. It's like Clark Kent vs. Superman.

So far I'm really happy with the look and I don't think there's much risk of me winding up on Girls That Look Like Skrillex (at least as long as I don't wear glasses).

Canada Day

Chris and I enjoyed Canada Day downtown.

We went to a fun potluck party before wandering down to Major's Hill Park and Parliament.