More Costumes from our Tickle Trunk

The White Rabbit
We have several sets of rabbit ears that we've collected over the years for the Billion Bunny March. Add a waistcoat and pocket watch and you're ready for Wonderland!

Hula Girl
 Grass skirt, leis and a real coconut bra... if only the weather in Ottawa could be a little more Hawaiian too.

80s Fashion Victim
 I wore this outfit for a pub crawl back in university and my mom recently sent it to me when she was cleaning out my old closet. When Chris opened the package he said "ummm... there's a shirt in here that looks like the 80s threw up on it"

Roller Town Extra
 Another retro ensemble. Don't you just love those roller skates?!?

Top Gun
Flight suits are awesome; they're like adult onesies. All it takes is aviators and/or goggles to complete a comfy yet bad ass fighter pilot costume.


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