More from our Costume Collection

More from the contents of our tickle trunk, in my ongoing attempt to document all the possibilities of our vast costume collection.

pretty in pink
One thrift store dress + plastic tiara = instant prom queen. Or possibly beauty pageant contestant, or even Princess Peach with a bit of work...

Chris wore the cloak and sword for Halloween before I met him. His hair is considerably more hobbit-like than mine. Also, his feet are considerably hairier.

Thinking of the damage that could result from hula hooping in the living room...
 If this circus performer outfit looks familiar, it might be because I lent it to Jess for the zombie movie night at the Diefenbunker last week. The tutu and top are some of my favourite Burning Man clothes, and while you can't tell from the photo, the tutu has little blinking lights in it.

Only you can prevent forest fires
We got this great hat from Value Village for 99 cents. It's too bad I couldn't swing a whole Mounties getup from the contents of my closet, but Park Ranger is fun too.

Army officer Allison
Wearing an army officer's cap and jacket, I think I actually end up looking more like an airplane pilot. I'm going to need to come up with a way to make this outfit a little more dieselpunk.


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