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Ottawa Vintage Sale 2012

The Ottawa Vintage Sale had new organizers and a new location this year. And a new name too, it's now the  Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show.

While I wasn't thrilled about the location (it's hard to compete with the Chateau Laurier), the vendors and selection of vintage clothes were as awesome as always.

We saw some incredible pieces, like that amazing jacket with brass epaulettes, and Chris and I went home with a full military uniform for him and a sailor sweater for me.

Six String Samurai Soiree

Saturday night, we invited our friends over to watch Six String Samurai. This movie has pretty much everything you could possibly want in a film: Buddy Holly, Slash, cannibals, post-apocalyptic wastelands, martial arts, soviet soldiers, rock and roll...

We set up the living room as a theater and somehow managed to cram in seats for 17! We covered the walls with sheets and put all the movie props we could scrounge up from around the house out on display.

We made up a drinking game to go along with the movie and Chris built a wheel for people to spin to choose their drinks. It made a delightfully perfect ticking noise when it was given a spin.

Everyone got a bag of popcorn and we premixed the drinks and kept them on ice in a cooler so no one needed to go to the kitchen to top up their glass.

Other People's Awesome Costumes

I get so excited when people send me photos of the costumes they've made by following my instructables! Here are some great pictures that were emailed to me or posted on Instructables this year:

Ludo from Labyrinth

Kidnapped Mermaids

Headless Brides

If you've made one of my costumes, or anything else inspired by my blog or instructables, I'd love to see photos!

Ottawa Zombie Walk 2012

We had a great time at the Ottawa Zombie Walk this year! The damp, overcast weather just made it that much creepier.

As I mentioned in my last post, I wore a $10 thrifted wedding dress, and Chris dressed as a groom.

I made the most of my current haircut by creating an exposed brain latex prosthetic, with the help of a brain shaped jello mold.