Wedding Wednesday: Metal Flowers

Pop can roses

Metal Flowers

I've been saving up our aluminium cans to use them for a few different wedding projects. The first thing I'm using them for is pop can roses.

Pop can roses

The metal roses are made pretty much the same way as the giant paper flowers we made for Promdemonium last year.

Making metal petals

First I clean off the cans and remove some of the paint, then I trace and cut out the heart shaped petals before bending and attaching them to a wire stem. I get about 1 flower per can and while it does take some time, it's a good way to keep my fingers busy while we're enjoying netflix.

Pop can roses


ImKatWoman said…
Your blog has really cool stuff! There are a lot of things I'd like to make from your blog but can't, because you don't really post any instructions, just a few photos which aren't enough to figure out what all the steps are. For example, where do you attach the wire on the heart? Do you just roll them up then? How do you layer the pieces? Etc, etc.
Allison said…
The metal flowers are made the same way we made the giant paper flowers. We followed Martha Stewart's instructions for crepe paper roses.
Unknown said…
Hey Allison, I work with Alicia and knowing I love the DIY, she alerted me to your site! Super badass idea with the metal flowers! I've stuck to the paper flowers like the giant crepe rose and coffee filter roses, but I'd love the heart template to try and tackle the metal rose. Is it just the normal heart template of the giant crepe rose (i.e. not enlarged)? Thanks!
Allison said…
Thanks Laura!
I drew the heart template freehand, but it is basically a smaller version of the crepe paper rose petals, so that would totally work. Instead of the tear drop centers, I just rolled and folded a metal heart around the wire stem.
Anonymous said…
What do you use to cut the aluminum, remove paint, attach to wire?
Allison said…
Detailed instructions are now included in an instructable:

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