Wedding Wednesday: Dress fitting and shoes!

So I guess this should really be called "Wedding Thursday" since I'm a day late posting this update. We had friends over yesterday, helping us with some wedding decorations, and I totally forgot my obligations to the blogosphere.

Muslin dress fitting

Last week I got to try on the muslin mock up of my dress. Super exciting! 

vintage wedding gown -muslin ruched peplum front

Deanna Fokes added the huge mullet skirt plus the overskirt and peplum.

vintage wedding gown -muslin ruched peplum back

In addition to the dress progress I'm also super excited about my wedding shoes! I got these 5 inch heels for only $20 - don't you just love clearance sales at the Bay?!


I like them now, but I have big plans to make them really special.


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