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Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale - Spring edition!

Chris and I went to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show today. It's awesome that they've turned it into a more-than-once-a-year event!

While I'm still a little nostalgic for the days when the sale was at the Chateau Laurier, the organizers did a much better job setting things up in the convention centre this time around. There was a better layout, it was easier to navigate between stalls and, without the sun in our eyes, we could actually see the clothing we were trying to buy!

We were a little disappointed that there seemed to be fewer vendors with the menswear and military stuff Chris and I tend to gravitate towards, but we still found some great pieces.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to dressing for the vintage clothing sale: you can either put on your best vintage clothes in the hopes of impressing all the fashionistas, or you can opt to wear skin-tight spandex so you can try things on without needing to use the crowded, and not terribly private, dressing …

My awesome little brother is pretty awesome

My incredibly talented little brother has a show coming up in June.

If you're going to be in Vancouver this summer you should go check it out!

Wedding Wednesday

Wow, is it Wednesday already?
We've had friends over almost every night over the last week and we've been super productive, working on wedding stuff.

Have I mentioned that we have the best friends? Because our friends are the best.

While I've been trying to keep the house tidy when company is coming over, it hasn't been entirely successful. It's hard to keep things clean when you need access to a ton of tools and a million little pieces!

Hopefully we'll be able to check off a few more lines on our to do list by the end of this week and I'll have lots more photos to show you.

Wedding Wednesday: So much sewing to do!

As I mentioned previously, we've been cutting out fabric triangles for bunting.

Now that we have thousands (yes, thousands) of triangles cut, it's time to start putting them together.

We shuffled the various bits of thrift store bed sheets, fabric leftovers and random rags (there's even some old socks in there!) with the help of Chris' best man, and put them into stacks of 120 triangles.

So it's just a matter of sewing all thousand or so feet of bunting together....

Next time you're in the market for a photo book

Remember how we set up a photo booth for our friend's party? Well, we ordered a photo book with all the pictures as a gift for Andrea and I'm super happy with the results.

I heard about My Publisher on Young House Love, and with such great reviews I figured it was worth trying out. They did not disappoint! 
Setting up the book was super easy and the prices were very reasonable. Best of all, it arrived just a few days later and looks fantastic. Everything is very high quality and the photos turned out great (even though many weren't that good to start with). 

In case you're reading this Andrea, I'm sorry if I ruined the surprise but I figure you probably over heard me at the party, telling everyone they had to get their photo taken because I was making you a book!

This wasn't sponsored by My Publisher or anything like that, I was just so impressed I felt like I had to share.

Déjà Vu

We went to a great party tonight. Our friend threw a fantastic 60s Mad Men themed housewarming.

After we got home, I realized that, except for the stripes on Chris' tie, we wore the exact same outfits to a party way back in 2008!

Wedding Wednesday: Tailcoat Prototype

Machete & Sons sent us the muslin version of Chris' tailcoat.

It needs some alterations but we're super excited. Just imagine how great it will look in red wool with an ivory lining and pewter buttons!

Gangnam Style Goodbye

Our friend Andrea had a lot to celebrate this weekend: she was turning 30, just got engaged and was about to leave Ottawa to teach in Korea!

She threw a great big birthday/engagement/going-away party on Saturday. Chris and I helped her set up a photo booth (just like we did for prom) and it was a lot of fun.

At Andrea's request, we made masks with some famous Korean faces to add to the photo booth props.  We just printed the pictures, cut them out and then glued them to cardboard and bamboo skewers - it was super easy and good for a few laughs!

Wedding Wednesday

Most of our wedding progress lately has been logistical stuff. We've booked a bus, reserved hotel rooms and updated our wedding website.

Chris put together some illustrations to go with our website FAQ section. The question we're getting most often is definitely "What should I wear?"!

20 Before 30

On Friday I turned 29. Chris made me breakfast and a delicious lunch and then took me out for dinner. It was a pretty fantastic day.

I recently found a list I wrote a few years ago. Inspired by Nicole's 30 Before Thirty, it's a list of things I wanted to accomplish before the big 3 - 0.

I've crossed some things off but there's still lots to accomplish in just a year!

The Big 3
1.Buy a house
2.Get married
3.Have a baby

Obviously, we're well on the way to taking care of #2 this summer. Chris and I have been house hunting for years now, and we've come really close to buying a home a few times, but we're not actively searching so I won't be too disappointed if #1 doesn't happen this year. As for #3, well, it's very unlikely this year (sorry folks).
The rest of the list (somewhat less daunting tasks)

4.Look my best in a bikini at Burning Man (ie lose 15lbs and get in shape)
5.Visit the Maritimes
6.Run on stilts
7.Have at least one room done to the poi…