20 Before 30

On Friday I turned 29. Chris made me breakfast and a delicious lunch and then took me out for dinner. It was a pretty fantastic day.

I recently found a list I wrote a few years ago. Inspired by Nicole's 30 Before Thirty, it's a list of things I wanted to accomplish before the big 3 - 0.

I've crossed some things off but there's still lots to accomplish in just a year!

The Big 3
1. Buy a house
2. Get married
3. Have a baby

Obviously, we're well on the way to taking care of #2 this summer. Chris and I have been house hunting for years now, and we've come really close to buying a home a few times, but we're not actively searching so I won't be too disappointed if #1 doesn't happen this year. As for #3, well, it's very unlikely this year (sorry folks).

The rest of the list (somewhat less daunting tasks)

4. Look my best in a bikini at Burning Man (ie lose 15lbs and get in shape)
5. Visit the Maritimes
6. Run on stilts
7. Have at least one room done to the point where it could be featured on a blog house tour
8. Shave my head (done!)
9. Move my blog to its own domain
10. Learn to dress in a way that “projects maturity” without sacrificing style
11. Dye my hair blue again (this might be at odds with #10)
12. Sort and archive all my favourite photos, so we won’t lose them if the computer crashes or the house burns down
13. Get our finances sorted out so Chris doesn’t have to work full-time
14. Reduce my wardrobe to only items I love to wear
15. Start wearing jewellery regularly (especially things Chris gives me)
16. Learn to apply makeup (this is something a grown woman should be able to do!)
17. Grow our own food
18. Master the art of applying fake eyelashes
19. Renew my passport and put it to good use
20. Buy a DSLR and learn how to use it


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