Next time you're in the market for a photo book

Remember how we set up a photo booth for our friend's party? Well, we ordered a photo book with all the pictures as a gift for Andrea and I'm super happy with the results.

My Publisher Photo Book
The packaging is adorable and they even included a cute gift card so we can give a friend a free book

I heard about My Publisher on Young House Love, and with such great reviews I figured it was worth trying out. They did not disappoint! 

Setting up the book was super easy and the prices were very reasonable. Best of all, it arrived just a few days later and looks fantastic. Everything is very high quality and the photos turned out great (even though many weren't that good to start with). 

My Publisher Photo Book
Check out the fancy vellum pages and lining!

In case you're reading this Andrea, I'm sorry if I ruined the surprise but I figure you probably over heard me at the party, telling everyone they had to get their photo taken because I was making you a book!

My Publisher Photo Book

This wasn't sponsored by My Publisher or anything like that, I was just so impressed I felt like I had to share. 


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