Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale - Spring edition!

Chris and I went to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show today. It's awesome that they've turned it into a more-than-once-a-year event!

While I'm still a little nostalgic for the days when the sale was at the Chateau Laurier, the organizers did a much better job setting things up in the convention centre this time around. There was a better layout, it was easier to navigate between stalls and, without the sun in our eyes, we could actually see the clothing we were trying to buy!

We were a little disappointed that there seemed to be fewer vendors with the menswear and military stuff Chris and I tend to gravitate towards, but we still found some great pieces.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to dressing for the vintage clothing sale: you can either put on your best vintage clothes in the hopes of impressing all the fashionistas, or you can opt to wear skin-tight spandex so you can try things on without needing to use the crowded, and not terribly private, dressing rooms.

Naturally, I went with spandex, whereas Chris thought it would be a great opportunity to wear a new bow tie he got for his birthday.

Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show finds

Speaking of bow ties, we got two at the show!

The polka dot tie is from Ian Drummond, the same seller who sold Chris those skinny ties four years ago. I didn't get a business card from the gold tie's vendor, but it was a steal for $5.

Also a steal for $5: this fabulous flowy pink dress!

Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show finds


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