Goodbye Google Reader

I'm mourning the loss of Google Reader. I still can't understand why Google would cancel a service that I use everyday. Next to email, my rss feed is my most important internet resource and my primary source for news and inspiration.

I spent several months in a state of denial, thinking that they would change their minds at the last minute, but now the end is actually here.

I've switched to Feedly because it seems that's where most people are going. For the most part I like it but unfortunately I can't access their cloud from work. I guess I'll either become more productive or I'll wind up spending more time on twitter.


Kazimieras said…
I never got into google reader, but did love igoogle (which is also being discontinued). I ended up with protopage. It works well if you like having multiple rss feeds listed on a page and the system crossing off what has been read, but opening it in a new tab.

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