We bought a house!

After years of house hunting, and many false starts and heartbreaks, we've finally bought a place of our own!

We got our keys today and couldn't be more excited. Chris even filmed a cute little house tour.

Chris has started a blog of his own to chronicle his adventures in the Yukon: www.whyoneeh.blogspot.ca "Why one, eh?" is a play on the start of Whitehorse postal codes. Clever, eh?


Megs said…
Congrats Allison!!!!! So excited to read about your new life in Whitehorse - keep the posts coming :)
Unknown said…
House hunting can really be daunting at times, especially when you spend months or even a year looking for your dream home. Nevertheless, you will find it exciting and remarkable at the same time. You experience a lot of things and learn some important lessons in life. Congrats on your new house, Allison!

Leslie Myers @ CREB®
Unknown said…
It's truly nice to hear that after a long time of house shopping, you finally found the one you will call your home. Location, accessibility, price, size, even the design and the “feel” of the house are the factors that home buyers consider before zoning in on one property. I really hope you found all these here. Congratulations!
Nannie @ Altius Mortgage Group

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