Wedding Wednesday: Finished Felt and Button Bouquets

Bunker Gothic
Photo by Colleen Johnson.

Putting together the bouquets for myself and my matron of awesome was one of my favourite wedding projects.

Photo by Ben Welland.

I used the kit as a starting point and added as many personal touches as I could squeeze in. If you look at the photos closely you might spot 
  • zippers and studs leftover from my Bebop costume
  • Beau's Beer ribbon, 
  • mesh from the suitcase that travelled the world with me when I was a teenager,
  • buttons from Chris' father's military uniforms and his uncle's fire fighter uniform, 
  • bits of bicycle inner tube rubber leftover from making armour, 
  • ribbon collected from all sorts of events and gifts,
  • tulle snipped from tutus,
  • aluminium roses,
  • feathers and bits of jewelry, 
  • and even an I heart Burning Man button
Bouquet & Oscilloscope
Felt flower bouquet
Photo by Ben Welland.


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