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Offbeat Bride!

Our wedding was featured on Offbeat Bride today!

Offbeat Bride has been my favourite wedding blog since long before Chris and I decided to get married, so I'm beyond excited to have our wedding profiled.

It's always interesting to see which photos the editors chose and what they cut.

Here are some of my favourite parts that didn't make it into the post:

- Our Claptrap card box which I posted about building herehere and here.

-The nerf battles! I think everyone should bring nerf guns to their weddings.

-The etched glasses. To avoid both disposable glassware and doing the dishes post-wedding, we bought thrift store glassware for all the guests and, with a lot of help from a temporary sweatshop in my parents' hotel room, etched them all with our wedding designs so guests could take them home as souvenirs.

-High five! We snuck in a high five before kissing and exiting the ceremony and I didn't even miss Chris' hand!

Our Beer Advent Calendar

Happy December!

Chris and I are celebrating the holiday season with a beer advent calendar. Inspired by Mikeasaurus' beer advent calendar, we picked out 25 different beers to enjoy between now and Christmas.

Our milk crate and paper bag set up isn't terribly pretty but it does the job.

Since the beer selection here is so different from back East, we'll be trying most of the beers for the first time. Day 1's advent beer: Farmhand Saison from Driftwood Brewery.

Chris gave it a 8/10 but I think it's more like a 7.


This weekend, Chris and I volunteered at Winterval.

We helped put up decorations and then watched the parade down Main Street.

After the parade there was a tree lighting and then performers on Waterfront. We dressed warmly but with the temperature below -20°C we were grateful for the warm up station in the Old Fire Hall.