Vending machines are heavy

Work has been keeping me really busy. I spent most of January either traveling or working overtime late into the night, so there hasn't been much of an opportunity for crafts or home improvements. But Chris and I are still slowly making this house feel more like home.

While searching for furniture on kijiji I came across this fantastic vintage vending machine. Somehow I convinced Chris that we should buy it.

Moving a vintage 7 Up machine

So we bought it and then we were faced with the problem of getting it into our house. It turns out that vending machines are very heavy.

So heavy in fact, we couldn't get it up the stairs.

Moving a vintage 7 Up machine

Fortunately Chris came up with a clever way to to get it into the house.

Moving a vintage 7 Up machine

With two winches we were able to pull the machine up the stairs. Once we had it on the deck, we got it standing again with the help of a car jack.

Moving a vintage 7 Up machine

We broke our 500 lb hand truck trying to wheel it the rest of the way, but we finally got it inside!

Now to stock it with beer...


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Anonymous said…
That's a lightweight, the ones I work on are 1,800 lbs.
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