Chris and I didn't even have a chance to unpack from our trip before we were helping set up the YuKonstruct table at YukomiCon.

Yukomicon 2014

The first Yukon comic convention was a lot of fun! Hundreds of people stopped by our table to find out more about our makerspace. We had a 3D printer set up (which always attracts lots of curious folks), a diy comic creation station and a cosplay repair station so people could fix any wardrobe malfunctions before the costume ball.

Yukomicon 2014
Chris tinkering with the 3D printer

Speaking of the costume ball, Chris and I obviously wanted to attend but we only had a few spare hours to put together some costumes. Unfortunately I don't fit into most of the outfits in our tickle trunk at the moment, so we threw together a last minute Rick and Lori from the Walking Dead.

Yukomicon 2014
Don't look so happy Rick, the baby is probably Shane's
Yukomicon 2014
Enjoying a special YukomiCon beer from Yukon Brewing


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