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This morning we woke up to snow!

Whitehorse was hit by over 10 cm of snow today. I guess I should get around to harvesting the vegetables from the garden, eh?


As you may have guessed from my 32 week photo outfit, we've been working on the kitchen renovation.

We started by taking out the floating floor, which came out really easy. We were a little worried about what we'd find underneath, but we were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the plywood subfloor.

After the laminate flooring was safely stored in the basement, we tore out the kitchen closet.

Unfortunately removing the cabinets was not as easy as the floor and closet. I had originally hoped that we would be able to keep the cabinets to reuse in the basement or garage, but they were built in place with an excessive amount of glue and nails, so taking them down required tearing them apart. At least we should be able to reuse some of the wood from the cabinets.

After pulling out the cabinets, we discovered that we'd need to do more work on the walls than we'd originally expected. We removed the thin wood sheets, so we can put up a vapor barrier and gypsum board.

The …

A Makerspace to call our own

YuKonstruct's grand opening was last night!

What was just an idea in January is now a reality and we're so excited. Chris and I can't wait to make the most of all the awesome tools. With access to a CNC machine, a laser cutter, welders, 3D printers, a forge and so many other tools, the possibilities are endless.

32 Weeks

While I'm still dealing with morning sickness, I'm feeling the best that I have all pregnancy. I think the three weeks I took off work in August really helped me catch up on sleep and recharge.

We've been taking weekly photos to document the growth of my baby bump. I love how you can see the seasons changing and the progress we've made on the house while the baby grows.

I feel huge and awkward, and I'm quickly approaching 200lbs, but even with less than 2 months to go, I must not look that pregnant because some people are still surprised when I tell them!