10 weeks isn't too late for baby announcements, is it?

Blueprint Baby Announcement

We finally finished our baby announcement/thank you cards!
Looks like this is what folks will be getting instead of Christmas cards this year.

Baby announcement / thank you card
the rockets on the mobile kind of look like squid, but I'm ok with that

The image of Axel on the front of the card is done up to look like a blue print and we tried to make the pop-up nursery on the inside similar to Axel's own robots and rocket ships themed room.

The picture on the card was taken when Axel was only two weeks old. He's grown so much since then! He wore the same onesie for his weekly photo this weekend and the difference is incredible. He's doubled his weight since we brought him home from the hospital!

Week 2

Week 10


Kazimieras said…
He is looking great! And no, it isn't too late (trust us) :)
Have a wonderful holidays!

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