YuKonstructing lately

YuKonstruct has been keeping us really busy!

Cardboard airplane construction
never too young to appreciate lasers
Inspired by a cardboard plane costume I saw online, I talked Chris into helping make YuKonstruct's Winterval Santa Clause Parade entry. Chris did all the design work and we built a small prototype at home before using YuKonstruct's laser cutter to cut out all the full sized pieces.

Cardboard Airplane

It was a great way to use up a bunch of the cardboard we had left over from our ongoing renovations!

Cardboard Airplane

Chris' work on the planes even landed him in the news paper. "Elves with lasers" might be my favourite headline ever.

Yukon News Dec. 5, 2014

We took a quick break from assembling planes to host YuKonstruct's Christmas card workshop and Chibitronics build night this past Thursday.

Holiday Card Build Night at YuKonstruct

We rejigged some of our past cards to make craft kits for the event and made some cool new cards that light up.

Winterval Parade 2014 - YuKonstruct

Yesterday was finally the big day for the parade and the planes were a huge hit!

Winterval Parade 2014 - YuKonstruct

Air North, liked the idea so much when they heard about our planes, they gave us custom decals for the wings and tails, and they're bringing the planes down to Vancouver for the Santa Clause parade there.


Anonymous said…
Amazing - well done!


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