Instructables Challenge

My Little Brony

Instructables is hosting an epic makerspace contest with over $30,000 in prizes.

The contest is all about quantity (the makerspace with the most instructables published between June 1 and August 31 wins) so I've decided to publish as many instructables as I can this summer.

This month I'm challenging myself to publish one instructable every day. It is a great opportunity to finally push myself to write up a bunch of projects I've had kicking around for ages.

I'll be publishing my personal projects as ModMischief and I'll also be writing up group projects for YuKonstruct - so you can follow both accounts to see all the instructables.

I'm off to a good start having just published two instructables in the last two days:
Discord Horns from InstaMorph
InstaMorph & Craft Foam Stamps


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