Steampunk Ball 2016

Steampunk Ball 2016 Photobooth

Last year, the theme for the Sourdough Rendezvous was "the future is now" and the organizers decided that, in keeping with the theme, the annual ball would be a steampunk ball.
The Steampunk Ball was such a huge success, the organizers decided to do it again this year.

While YuKonstruct helped with decorations last year, the makerspace's only contribution was laser cutting gears out of cardboard. This time around, Rendezvous approached YuKonstruct to design and build some really impressive steampunk props.

Chris and I jumped at the opportunity to build some epic steampunk decor.

Making the Steampunk Ball decorations

Making the Steampunk Ball decorations

Chris designed an airship and porthole photobooth backdrop in SketchUp and then we built them with the help of several YuKonstruct and Yukon Comic Culture Society volunteers.

Making the Steampunk Ball decorations

Another YuKonstruct member made an awesome jacob's ladder and incredible compass rose for the stage.

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It was a ton of work, but it was all worth it to see it in action at the ball.

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But what would a ball be without getting all dolled up?
We pulled out all our costumes and managed to dress up a bunch of our friends. I love it when I can justify my crazy costume collection.

Steampunk Ball 2016 Photobooth


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