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Axel's Growing UP Birthday Party

Axel's second birthday party was this weekend and it was a lot of fun!

Our little guy is crazy about balloons, so we went with an Up themed party. We built an almost-full-sized Kevin (the bird from the movie) for the photobooth and laser cut felt wilderness explorer badges for all the guests. In addition to a bunch of helium balloons, we filled a play pen with balloons for a little ball pit that was a huge hit.

The goody bags were filled will little tubs of playdoh, Up finger puppets, balloons and chocolates (Kevin's favourite treat).

For food, we served hot dogs (like Russell gets on the Spirit of Adventure), cake by Klondike Cakes,  jello sky parfaits, fruit, veggies and other snacks.

We were so impressed by how our friends really got into the theme and enjoyed the photobooth!