Belated Halloween Post

This ol' blog of mine feels pretty neglected of late.

It's not that we haven't been doing much, it's just that I haven't been finding the time to write about it.

Despite it being long overdue, I thought I should share some photos from Halloween.

Halloween 2016

This was Axel's first time trick-or-treating and getting into the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween 2016

We read a lot of Halloween books and watched a bunch of Halloween kids specials on Netflix leading up to the big day, so when it came time to hit the streets, he knew exactly what to do. It was adorable, seeing him so excited to knock on doors and hold out his candy bucket.

Halloween 2016Halloween 2016

We wanted to make the most of the giant bird we had on hand, so we went with a cursed jungle decoration theme to work in Kevin.

Halloween 2016

We put up our Teal Pumpkin Project signs at the start of the month, in the hopes that it would help attract more trick-or-treaters, but we still only got 5 kids at our door on Halloween night. We're the only house on our block that gives out candy, so it's hard to lure kids down our street. Hopefully if we keep making our decorations more and more elaborate each year we will start drawing more attention and treat-seekers in the future.

Halloween 2016


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