Axel's First Haircut

Axel's First Haircut 

While I was in love with his adorable curls, Axel has been brushing his hair out of his eyes an awful lot lately and we decided it was finally time for his first haircut.

Axel's First Haircut

Axel and Chris both went for a trim today at the Shed.

Axel's First Haircut 

The stylists were awesome and handled Axel's tears and screams with incredible patience. I'm very impressed the final results considering all the squirming he did!

Axel's First Haircut


Haha what an adorable post. Axel looks so cute and kids are bound to scream and squirm for which I'd say Axel did quite well. Looking forward to more posts from you soon.
wow, Axel's haircut looks so amazing and the kid is so cute man. Do you trim his hair once a month? And how much does it cost?

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