Weekly Lennox

Just like I did with Axel, I've been taking a weekly photo of Lennox.
I've kept it mostly the same, but swapped out the German safety goggles for some fun steampunk costume googles, so there is something to set his photos apart from Axel's.

week 1

week 2 
week 3 

Even though they were both born 5 weeks early, Lennox is way bigger than Axel was at the same age. He's growing so fast he's already too big for his newborn sized clothes.

Week 6
Axel at 6 weeks
week 5
Lennox at 5 weeks

week 6
Lennox at 6 weeks
Week 4
Axel at 4 weeks

Besides their size, the other big difference is how much harder it is to photograph Lennox. Finding time to set up the picture and take the shots with a 3-year-old running around and "helping" is challenging!


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Hey, Congrats. He seems to be a strong kid here.I wish him a blessed and a healthy life and many more happy years to come.

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