Flash's Guardians of the Galaxy Birthday Party

Guardians of the Galaxy Party

As Axel's birthday falls so close to Halloween, I was hoping to save a little sanity by working his Halloween costume into his party theme. He was really excited about his upcoming Rocket and Groot party, but, three-year-olds being the fickle creatures that they are, on the day of the party he insisted that he would be the Flash and nothing could convince him otherwise.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party

Now that Axel is getting older he has strong opinions on things, like how his party should be, which can be a little challenging for me, but on the flip side he is able to help out with the preparations which is a lot of fun.

Painting the galaxy backdrop

This theme worked well for the skill levels of a preschooler since nebulas and starscapes don't need to be precise and actually look best a little messy. My little helper and I had a great time baking and decorating galaxy star sugar cookies and painting the photobooth backdrop. His pride in the projects was so heartwarming, I'm smiling just thinking of it.

Galaxy slime 

We also made a batch of galaxy slime, which seems to be all the rage on Pinterest. Unfortunately this was an instance where Axel's enthusiasm wasn't particularly helpful, as he dumped an entire jar of glitter in the mix before I could stop him. I tried to add more of the other ingredients to compensate but it didn't turn out quite right and I wound up including way too much food dye so the final product made for purple-tinted hands.

Guardians of the Galaxy PartyGuardians of the Galaxy Party
Guardians of the Galaxy Party
For fun and games, our friend Amy made us a fantastic beanbag toss game featuring the space monster from the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. So cool!
We also printed off colouring sheets from Marvel's website and some photo booth props from Costume Super Center.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party


benilhalk said…
Oh my god! Its gorgeous! The wall looks so much like a galaxy. It’s beautiful and I am sure the kids had a great time painting it. I need to think of something like this to keep the kids busy this time. I have booked one of the Venues in NYC because our house is in no condition to invite a lot of people.

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