This week we got our first snowfall of the season.

I'm glad we had already put up a bunch of our Halloween decorations, although it does hide many of the details, like the fresh mounds of dirt on the graves and the bones strewn around the yard.

We're going for full-on, obnoxious-level, Halloween decor this year. Axel loves it, even if  he finds some of it scary. Hopefully it will help attract more trick-or-treaters to our house.

I'll have to post more photos when it's all done - there's still lots to add!

The snow has pretty much all melted away now, but winter is almost upon us.

They grow up so fast

Google's artificial intelligence is creepy good sometimes.
Yesterday, Chris' Google Photos assistant made him a little video that pulls on the heart strings perfectly.

Introducing little Lennox

This blog has pretty quiet for the last little while. I've been busy with work and other commitments, but mostly I've been dealing with another pregnancy.

Some women love being pregnant, but I am not one of them. For me, it's months of being tired, nauseous and generally miserable.

But now I can forget about all of that, because another adorable little boy has joined our family.

Arriving in a rush, 5 weeks premature just like his big brother, Lennox made his grand entrance early on a Saturday morning, weighing an impressive 6 pounds 13 ounces (that's a lot for a preemie!).

Fortunately, Chris was in town this time and did a great job supporting me through the labour and looking after everything while Lennox and I were in the hospital.

Despite having gone through this all before, we're only slightly more prepared than last time, and have been slowly settling in to life as a family of four. It's definitely more hectic dealing with a toddler in addition to a newbor…

At the Airshow

The Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour was in town this weekend.  Sunday was a beautiful day; it was perfect for sipping lemonade and watching the trick planes from our front porch.

We took Axel up the airport to see the planes up close. He was so excited he was skipping and jumping the whole way from the parking spot to the planes.

Not a bad way to spend the day with a 2 year-old!

Axel's First Haircut

While I was in love with his adorable curls, Axel has been brushing his hair out of his eyes an awful lot lately and we decided it was finally time for his first haircut.

Axel and Chris both went for a trim today at the Shed.

The stylists were awesome and handled Axel's tears and screams with incredible patience. I'm very impressed the final results considering all the squirming he did!

Happy Easter!

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! We've been having lots of fun with Easter stuff now that Axel is old enough to be excited about bunnies and eggs.

Axel helped blow out and dye the eggs. I'm impressed that we only broke one!
We used food colouring, water, vinegar and a bit of olive oil to get some pretty marbled eggs. And it was easy enough for a two-and-a-half-year-old (with a bit of supervision).

We decided to cook a turkey and invited a few friends over for dinner. I really need to host dinner parties more often, they're so fun!

I set the table with cute napkin bunnies (thanks Martha Stewart!) and flowers in some stuff from our silver tea set collection.

Since we have a huge collection of bunny ears for the Billion Bunny March, I had enough for everyone at dinner.

This morning Axel hunted for eggs around the house (the ones we dyed and a few chocolate ones too). I think Chris and I had as much fun hiding the eggs and watching Axel search for them as Axel had fi…

Super Quick Last Minute Star Wars Costumes

So what do you do when you've been invited to a Star Wars party and realize the morning of the party that you need costumes? You whip up a last minute toddler Jedi and imperial officer.
First you gather a bunch of earth toned clothing for the Jedi. I found some beige/khaki coloured pants and a long sleeved shirt in Axel's closet. I grabbed an old belt of mine and some brown shirts from our clothing swap donation bin.

I figured this Old Navy shirt that no longer fits Chris would make a good Jedi tunic.

The best part about working with t-shirts is that the fabric doesn't fray, so there was no need to worry about finishing the edges.
I cut off the shirt's sleeves and collar, and then cut down the center of the front.

Layered over the beige shirt and pants, and with a belt around the center, it was already looking like a Jedi outfit!
The belt has holes all the way around, so I just folded it in half to fit Axel.

I had Axel try it on and then cut off the bottom of the tuni…